Welcome to Riverrun Arts! Riverrun is home to the working pottery and fiber studios of Joan Slack, as well as that of Riverrun Center for the Arts, a regional gallery of fine art and craft and teaching facility.

Greetings! With the snow falling we usher in the holiday season, a little early! There is a lot happening at Riverrun- new artwork, holiday sales, tours being offered for 2015, and ways to shop on-line!


Travel With Us in 2015: Ireland, Santa Fe, France

See the full itinerary for the Irish Connections Past and Present – 2015 Tour and reserve your spot now!


We are very excited to announce the launching  of Authentic Travel and Tours  and several upcoming trips for 2015-16.  What makes our tours unique is the emphasis on authenticity, looking deeper and making connections, and attention to detail that creates a tapestry of meaningful, life-enhancing interactions. Attention is paid to the right balance of activities each day, high quality site visits, and top rated local guides as well as individuals sought out for their special talents. You will meet people on our tours never possible by traveling on your own. Another big advantage is that having guides and interpreters of culture allows for you to learn more, to enjoy hearing art, architecture, and history explained, and adds so much more to understanding what you see.  Finally, it’s FUN! Enjoying new places and experiences with like-minded people creates camaraderie, and often life-long friendships evolve. We guarantee a truly memorable, life-changing experience!

Ancient Petroglyphs & Dwellings
Pueblo Pottery & Culture

Santa Fe and Area Artists, Architecture & History
April 12-21, 2015

See the full itinerary and reserve your spot now!

This is a multi-faceted travel experience in and around Santa Fe, NM, in which we will look closer and deeper at the art, cultures, history and people that shaped contemporary Santa Fe and surrounding areas. Local guides, Native American people, and unique, authentic connections abound. If you love learning as you travel, enjoy delving deeper into a place through its people, art, culture and history, and traveling off the beaten track, this is the trip for you!

See some of our upcoming tours…


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