Welcome to Riverrun Arts! Riverrun is home to the working pottery and fiber studios of Joan Slack, as well as that of Riverrun Center for the Arts, a regional gallery of fine art and craft and teaching facility in northern Wisconsin.

 There is a lot happening at Riverrun- new artwork for sale in the gallery, tours being offered for 2015 and 16, and classes and workshops! We are very excited about our FIBER ART TRAVEL WORKSHOPS scheduled for 2016.


Clay and fiber Art by Joan Molloy Slack

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Upcoming Tours in 2015

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Ireland and the Wild Atlantic Way Tour: October 8-15, 2015

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irelandJoin us for a trip along the Wild Atlantic Way, which stretches for 1,500 miles along Ireland’s western seaboard. This trip will be focused on the southwestern part of the “way” where we will explore the history, culture, archaeology and secret places of this coastline. Kerry tourism states “Here, the ocean’s force has carved a coast of wild, raw beauty. Huge Atlantic rollers crash and churn, shaping jagged ocean crags, archipelagos and inlets, sea loughs, surfing strands, and the sheer granite walls of cliffs that are amongst some of the highest in Europe. Rare sea eagles circle over glacial mountains, dolphins leap the waves, seals bask on the shore, puffins nest on cliff faces and geese gather in great estuaries. And lighthouses safeguard sailors all the way up the coast. It is with this splendor as our constant companion that we will explore, delve into the ancient past, and experience Ireland in a way you will always remember.

Tracing the Past in Ireland: October 20-31, 2015

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ireland18Join us for a unique exploration of enchanting Ireland on the eastern and northern coast as we delve into the texture of Irish culture from prehistory to present. We begin in Dublin, which offers a look at hundreds of years of history through its architecture, culture and museums. We will visit the National Museum, which boasts pottery from the Stone Age, gold neck collars, called “torcs” made by the Celts, and elaborate metalworking created during monastic times. The Viking longship exhibit, and the influence of their presence in Dublin, provides an in-depth visual history of this culture in Ireland. We will see the rich and fascinating history in the landscape by visiting stone circles, ring forts, medieval churches, and ancient solar observatories. Woven into the story of the past will be activities with Irish artists, actors, guides and musicians.


“Felting the Southwestern Landscape” A  workshop and tour in Santa Fe, New Mexico                   April 17-26, 2016

 The landsantefescape of southwestern New Mexico is rich in color,form and ever changing light, and beautifully lends itself to interpretation is art. In this workshop we will explore ancient petroglyphs and pueblos where the past and present merge, learn about the history and culture of Santa Fe and surrounding areas, and experience the rich and vibrant art scene with visits to artists and museums. All of this experience will be brought back to our hands-on felt-making workshop focused on “Felting the Southwestern Landscape”.

Felt-making is an ancient art, used for thousands of years to create clothing, shelter and DSC_0422 - Copy - Copytapestries. In this workshop we will use needle felting to create art by painting with the fiber. Your instructor, Joan Molloy Slack, learned to felt in Ireland, where she has led art and cultural tours for 15 years. After exploring the variety of ways of working with fleece, from Turkish rug making to creating hats and mittens, she became fascinated with the possibilities of using the fiber “pictorially”. She has taught workshops using this technique for over 14 years, and enjoys using symbols, mythology and personal imagery in her landscapes. In the workshop we will bring our experiences in the landscape into our felt-work, and Joan will discuss and demonstrate how to bring a personal, unique and exciting dimension to the landscape format.

For all the details click here  Felting the Southwest Landscape

“Fiber Arts in Ireland: A Wooly Trail Along the Wild Atlantic Coast   Fiber Arts Workshop and Tour      June 19-July 1, 2016  DSCF4004

The Irish landscape beckons to be interpreted in art: from the lush green fields to the rugged coastlines, the inspiration is endless. Join us for this fiber art tour along the western coast known as the Wild Atlantic Way, as we explore the landscape, craft traditions in wool, and our creativity. We will be creating tapestry weavings and learning to make “pictorial” felt landscapes, and will learn about sheep and wool processes, and watch demonstrations of spinning, sheepherding, dyeing and knitting. We will watch tweed weavers work magic at their looms, and Irish artists create with hand-dyed fleece. Interspersed will be visits to craft villages, galleries and ancient prehistoric and Celtic sites, and days of immersion creating our own art with the luscious Irish yarns and fleeces.

The tour and workshop will include the exploration of out-of-the-way glens and coves, walks along stunning seascapes, and majestic mountain vistas, where we’ll gather photographs and sketches which will inspire our hands-on workshop days in felt-making and tapestry weaving. For full details click here   Fiber art tour to Ireland


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