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Kelulut honey is made by a stingless bee through the Trigona types. It comes with an extreme color because of the existence of two types of organic antioxidants: carotenoids and flavonoids. In addition, it includes a high phenolic articles, which is known as a reliable sign of antioxidant activity. Antioxidants may help protect against the introduction of ulcers because of their part in tissues development and fix, and by activating the disease fighting capability to fight bacterial infection. In Malaysia, kelulut honey is consumed to greatly help with coughs often, colds, to accelerate therapeutic of inner injuries, also to delay aging.. Anti-Ulcer Benefits of Honey Investigated A kind of honey made by stingless bees in Malaysia displays some protective results against induced gastric ulcer in rats.The body depends on enzymes referred to as lysozymes that, as their name suggests, thwart bacteria by causing their cell wall to lyse, or break aside. Lysozymes are abundant both in epithelial cells, which will make up the cells externally of organs and the within of body cavities, and in the phagocytic cells that protect the physical body by ingesting foreign contaminants and bacteria. Subsequently, many gram-negative bacteria-characterized by their cell envelope which includes a protecting external membrane-have developed means of defeating lysozymes. Before the function by Sikora’s group, however, only 1 lysozyme-fighting protein have been found out in the Neisseria genus.

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