Clay and fiber Art by Joan Molloy Slack

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Greetings! Riverrun Center for the Arts has now closed, and is morphing into Riverrun Pottery and Fiber Art- or Riverrun Arts for short! Over the summer Joan opened a temporary gallery in Minocqua, which is now closed. She will be working from her home studio and gallery, and will eventually be hosting seasonal sales and events. If you are looking for something special from Riverrun, please let us know! Joan can be contacted at joanslack33@gmail.com with any questions

Joan continues to create in fiber and clay, and is available for commissions. She is also leading tours to France, Ireland and beyond. Sign up at www.authentictravelandtours.com or like Authentic Travel and Tours on Facebook to receive updates on upcoming tours.

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Joan is a member of the Handmade Tile Association. For a catalog contact the HTA